Mattress Toppers, Wool

Wool toppers can add a plush feel to the sleeping surface, or can be used to soften-up an overly firm mattress.  Also, having wool topper underneath your sheets will help you stay dry and comfortable all night.  These wool toppers will compress somewhat, so they require flipping and rotating in the early stages, which will help ensure the compression is evenly distributed.

Wool fibers are covered in a cuticle, or layer of scale-like, moisture resistant plates.  These plates can open or close, depending on moisture content of the fiber.  The cuticle allows the wool fiber to feel dry to the touch, even when it has absorbed 30% of its weight in moisture. The cuticle opens to allow moisture to evaporate very quickly, hence wool's reputation for "wicking" away moisture.  In other words, wool evaporates water inside the fiber very quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable.  This also helps regulate your temperature, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.